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True crime. Casually done.

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Death in the Vatican: The Swiss Guard Murders

INTRO It’s the evening of the 4th of May 1998. Outside, a stubborn rain washes over the marble columns and travertine facades of central Rome. A tall,...

Charles Sobhraj: The Bikini Killer

INTRO It’s March, 1986, and a prisoner is sitting in Tihar Jail, a maximum security facility in New Delhi, India. But this is no ordinary...

Charles Manson: The Most Dangerous Cult Leader

INTRO THE MAN WHO ENDED THE SIXTIES It’s December 1969, the last gasp of the swinging sixties. Bombs are falling in Vietnam, secret wars are being...

Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield

It is the morning of November 16th 1957. The tiny hamlet of Plainfield, Wisconsin has a population of just 680 people. It would be...

Ted Conrad: 52 Years as America’s Most Wanted

Everybody knows that crime doesn’t pay. Except for Simon, who will gleefully tell you at great length the extent to which crime does pay....

Dorothea Puente: The Devil’s Golden Girl

In September 1988, Alvaro Montoya went missing and it would be a lie to say that many people gave a damn. Such was...

King Con: The Man Who Stole A Country

INTRO Somewhere in Europe. 1933. Morning has just dawned. She is still in bed, her unkempt hair caressing the pillow. A ray of sun gently kisses...

The Eight Immortals Murders

Introduction We are no strangers to brutality on this show ladies and gentlemen, in the twelve months that The Casual Criminalist has been examining evil...

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