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True crime. Casually done.


Dorothea Puente: The Devil’s Golden Girl

In September 1988, Alvaro Montoya went missing and it would be a lie to say that many people gave a damn. Such was...

King Con: The Man Who Stole A Country

INTRO Somewhere in Europe. 1933. Morning has just dawned. She is still in bed, her unkempt hair caressing the pillow. A ray of sun gently kisses...

The Eight Immortals Murders

Introduction We are no strangers to brutality on this show ladies and gentlemen, in the twelve months that The Casual Criminalist has been examining evil...

Yip Kai Foon: One of Hong Kong’s Most Notorious Criminals (With a Penchant for Armed Robbery)

It’s the 9th of June 1991 on Mut Wa Street1, Hong Kong. The relentless and merciless summer heat is beating down on an endless...

Israel Keyes: The Phantom Psychopath

It is the evening of February 1st 2012. The city of Anchorage Alaska rests next to the frigid waters of the Cook Inlet...

Pedro Lopez: Monster of the Andes

Today’s episode of the Casual Criminalist comes as a result of several dozen audience member requests in the Youtube comments, on Twitter, and, when...

A Dingo Ate My Baby: Reasonable Doubt and Infanticide

In the vast sprawling realm of human experience, there are very few things that could happen to a person more emotionally devastating and traumatising...


Exterior. Night. Clouds of condensed breath float in the darkness, backlit by the headlights of a parked van. The wet asphalt is of a ‘hazy shade...

Vince Champ: Comedian, Serial Rapist, and “A Real Jerk!”

First of all, I’d like to dedicate this episode to the late Norm MacDonald, one of the greatest comedians of all time, who gave...

The Rostov Ripper: Butcher, Sadist, Savage

As redundant as it may seem to issue a content warning on a True Crime podcast, especially since my previous entries contained bushland torturers...

A $9 Million Murder: Alaska’s Teen Hitman Tragedy

The internet is a dark place. One minute you’re watching videos of cats wearing funny little pyjamas, and the next, the YouTube algorithm has...

The Hello Kitty Murder

Hong Kong in 1999 was a rapidly changing city in search of an identity. Two years prior in 1997 British administration of the burgeoning...

Michael Fagan: The Buckingham Palace Prowler

As a somewhat bigoted Scot of the independence persuasion, one thing I can’t wrap my head around is you Southerners’ love your bloody royals....

Javed Iqbal – Pakistani Justice

If you compare modern crime and punishment to the systems of days gone by, you’d be forgiven for thinking condemned criminals have it pretty...

Leonarda Ciancuilli: The Cannibal of Correggio

It is December 17th, 1939, in the small town of Correggio, nestled in the Po river valley of Northern Italy. Great Britain, France, and Germany...

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The Titanic PCP Incident

We’ll be examining one of the most peculiar unsolved mysteries in Hollywood history; its victims, some of the biggest A-listers of the 1990s

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Death in the Vatican: The Swiss Guard Murders

INTRO It’s the evening of the 4th of May 1998. Outside, a stubborn rain washes over the marble columns and travertine facades of central Rome. A tall,...